Digital Design

How Severe Is Your State's Coronavirus Outbreak? — NPR

My role: designer (one of many), graphics editor

The Ghost Towns Behind The Gates — NPR

My role: art direction, graphics editing

NPR Visuals team portfolio — NPR

Losing The Eternal Blue Sky — NPR

Plastics: What To Recycle, What Remains Trash, And Why — NPR

After The Water — NPR

White Lies — NPR

The Driving Life and Death of Philando Castile — NPR

2016 election coverage — NPR

My role: co-designer/front-end developer

A Silent Epidemic — NPR

My role: co-designer/front-end developer, project manager

Why America’s Schools Have a Money Problem — NPR

My role: co-designer

Coal, Gas, Nuclear, Hydro? How Your State Generates Power — NPR

NPR Election Party — NPR

My role: co-designer/front-end developer

NPR Visuals team portfolio — NPR

Deals for Developers — NPR

My role: designer

Planet Money Makes A T-Shirt — NPR

My role: co-designer / front-end developer

Zoom In On Oklahoma Tornado Damage — NPR

My role: designer

Playgrounds For Everyone — NPR

My role: co-designer

Previously, On Arrested Development — NPR

My role: co-designer

NPR Music Presents: In Memoriam 2012 — NPR

My role: designer

Election 2012 — NPR

My role: designer

Black Lung Returns To Coal Country — NPR

My role: designer / infographics

Poisoned Places: Toxic Air, Neglected Communities — NPR

My role: co-designer

Post Mortem: Death Investigation in America — NPR, PBS Frontline

My role: co-designer

Election 2010 Coverage — NPR — NPR

A Web of GOP Influence — NPR

My role: co-designer

Planet Money’s Toxic Asset — NPR

My role: co-designer

Traveling Down The Amazon Road — NPR

My role: co-designer

Fixing D.C.’s Schools — The Washington Post

My role: Designed school database pages

Campaign 2006: Key Races —

Crisis in the Middle East —

Faces of the Fallen —

My role: co-designer

A Life Lived in 4/4 Time —

The Gulf Coast in Katrina’s Wake —

My role: co-designer

How a Pope is Elected —

My role: co-designer

Golf Guide — — The Arizona Republic

  • Editor and Publisher EPpy Awards (2005) — Finalist: Best Overall Design of an Internet Service over 1 million

"Runaway Inferno" — The Arizona Republic

  • NAA Digital Edge Awards (2003) — Finalist: Most Innovative Use of Digital Media - News Event Coverage
  • Arizona Press Club Awards (2002) — Second Place: Creative Use of the Online Medium — The Arizona Republic

  • Arizona Press Club Awards (2004) — Third Place: Creative Use of Online (This award recognized’s online coverage of Pat Tillman, the 2004 Cactus League and the 2004 Olympics. I worked on the latter project.)
  • NAA Digital Edge Awards (2003) — Finalist: Best Sports Site

Dying to Work — The Arizona Republic

  • Best of the West (2001) — First Place: Online Project Enterprise
  • Best of Gannett Awards (2001) — First Place: Project Enterprise

The Rep Entertainment Guide — The Arizona Republic

  • Editor & Publisher EPpy Awards (2005) — Finalist: Best Internet Entertainment Service over 1 million
  • Editor & Publisher EPpy Awards (2001 and 2002) — Finalist: Best Entertainment Section in a Newspaper Online Service

Digital Design (College) — The State Press/Arizona State University

  • Society for Professional Journalists Awards (1999 and 2000) — Second place: Best Student Online Newspaper, Region 11

Writing (College, High School)

Academic (College, High School)

  • The Arizona Republic, ASU Cronkite School (1998) — Eugene C. Pulliam Memorial Scholarship
  • Arizona State University, National Merit Corporation (1997-2001) — National Merit Scholarship
  • Arizona State University (1997-2001) — Regent’s Tuition Scholarship (awarded to top 5% of high school graduating class)
  • The Arizona Republic, ASU Cronkite School (1997) — Summer Journalism Institute