"Dying to Work"

azcentral.com/The Arizona Republic / Sept. 2003

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The summer of 2001 was notable for a marked increase in the number of people dying of exposure while trying to cross the U.S.-Mexico border in rural areas of Arizona. "Dying to Work," a joint project of The Arizona Republic, azcentral.com and KPNX Channel 12, aimed to explore the "human side" of illegal immigration along the Mexican border, looking into why people cross the border and what they do once they get to the United States. I was part of the team that put the online site together, doing the site design and combining a series of graphics from the Newsroom art department into an interactive Flash format.

The project (print and online together) won First Place: Project Enterprise in the 2001 Best of Gannett Awards. The online component won First Place: Online Project Enterprise in the 2001 Best of the West Awards.

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