site design Arizona Republic / Aug. 2000, Jan. 2002, Sept. 2004

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» View mockups from my work on the 2004 redesign, The Arizona Republic's flagship website, was redesigned in summer 2000 to coincide with the site's fifth anniversary. The primary goals of the redesign were faster page loading times and a more uniform across-the-site look. A "facelift" of this design (shown above) was undertaken in Jan. 2002 with the aim of making the site easier to navigate and providing a bit more visual "weight" to the page.

For the site's 2004 redesign, I was contracted to work on the main index/subindex pages of the Entertainment section, the calendar results and detail pages and azcentral@night. The main site "look" already had been established in-house, and part of my job was to propogate that style into those inside pages.

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